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  Vision and Mission

We envision a world in which every home is intelligently controlled and simple to use. They are energy efficient, use the latest in lighting and the home owner is in total control, adding/configuring components and easily able to add or modify intelligence. Systems are easy to set up and program by the non technical home owner, where the house really does work for the home owner. We vision a industry where systems and 3rd party accessories work together seamlessly, and where the average Joe who can connect a new DVD player to a TV, can also buy additional automation components and easily integrate them into their smart home. Integrators will enjoy the simplicity of simple mix and match, easy connections, choice of compatible components, consistent setup and programming. With standardization of connections / protocols, more consumer acceptance, innovation and growth in the industry will result.

Our Mission is to support homeowners, architects, contractors, designers as well as the industry in creating more powerful systems, while at the same time simplifying setup and programming. This will be done with one on one consulting as well as the invention and deployment of easily programmable components, problem solving software and dissemination of common cross platform protocols. We work towards compatibility, elimination of proprietary protocols, open source common protocols to advance home automation / control for the benefit of the homeowner as well as the industry in whole. We will provide guidance towards standards, control software and interface hardware. To answer custom problems with universal solutions.

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