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of current state of home automation
We have an overwhelming: rate of innovation, number of companies innovating and possibilities of integration options.

Systems are evolving at breakneck speed, with promises to revolutionize the industry. Systems do talk to each other, as well as the vendors, but often not. As the architect or sophisticated home owner, it's really hard to sort through the ocean of acronyms, technologies, promises, assumptions and the like. The many standards we do have are based on the initial systems that Edison and Bell created. Then RS-232, which was invented in the early 1960's for connecting computer equipment, is still in prevalent use today in highend home automation, even though the computer industry shed it years ago as nothing but problematic. And with systems talking / controlling each other, it's real easy for assumptions to get made and testing not be performed. LED fixture manufactures promises dimming, but often it's with a flicker, or only dims to 25%. Electricians consider low voltage below them and prefer to do things the way they've always done it and not risk inspection/code violations. Federal to municipal codes themselves are still playing catch-up, as well as demanding energy reduction.

It's a rats nest of different technologies, vendors and sub-contractors, that may or may not talk to each other effectively. Many of the technologies are new, and compatibility is always an issue. Contractors, inspectors, sub-contractors don't fully understand these new technologies. Home automation low voltage contractors can do the work, but how well will it work for you, and are you locked into the vendor because they will not give you the plans and "source code"? There is a lack of technology understanding, common terms to help compare and make choices. How can someone who doesn't spend 24/7 in this field make quality decisions so that the technology has a long lifespan? How can you think about maintenance, changes down the line, when the immediate considerations are so daunting?

LeftBrain can help you navigate these turbulent waters, and help you navigate to the promised land.

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