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LeftBrain is a consulting entity available to help architects, general contractors, small businesses owners (retail, clubs, offices, etc.) and sophisticated home owners evaluate technologies, manufactures as well as vendors and integrators. We offer a holistic approach integrated over many technologies. We can design innovative lighting, solve design issues, as well as develop systems. We help you, and oversee the creation and execution of the plans. We are not a vendor, with a product or services to sell. We make designs and recommendations not based on profit or kickbacks which would bias our expertise. Our aim is to inform, educate and not hold back any information.

LeftBrain facilitates communication between vendors and systems, aiding in better understanding of technology, across multiple trades with more designed designs and clear construction documents. We strive to plan and integrate vendors/systems up front, not at the construction site. We believe this leads to a better implementation of the technology, which in turn means expectations being met.

We can consult on projects that are in trouble, or just to make sure they are not going into trouble, and if in trouble, we can give you 2nd opinions, help you right the sinking ship and make it sail.

We provide the services below, you can use us for all or just a portion:

Planning and Pre Construction:
  ♦  evaluate client needs and desires
  ♦  research and understand prior legacy systems all ready in place
  ♦  research systems and investigate new systems and solutions
  ♦  due diligence
  ♦  organize thoughts, reports, considerations
  ♦  provide written reports of pros and cons
  ♦  put into common layman's terms, so apples can be compared to apples
  ♦  evaluate how well the system will work for the customer
  ♦  test and perform mock ups
  ♦  work towards aesthetical, energy conscious / green designs
  ♦  unique, innovative and "outside of the box" solutions
  ♦  look out for future needs, as well as future technologies
  ♦  design, engineer, fact check
  ♦  lighting design, unique fixture specification
  ♦  specify and send out for bidding
  ♦  research & evaluation
  ♦  evaluate bids and companies (bid right = come in early, under budget)
  ♦  make decisions

Construction (as the owner's representative - eyes, ears and brains):
  ♦  oversee, review
  ♦  watch your back so you don't get stuck with lemons or equipment that is soon outdated
  ♦  evaluate progress, perform signoff on milestones
  ♦  ask the hard questions
  ♦  ongoing tests
  ♦  inspect / check / sign offs

Post Installation:
  ♦  geek to english translation services
  ♦  insure that the end user knows how to operate the system
  ♦  insure that the end user can maintain the system to some degree
  ♦  insure that the end user is not tied to one vendor for the rest of their life
  ♦  insure systems are adequately documented
  ♦  write step by step cheat sheets on how to use, or adjust equipment
  ♦  one on one tutoring

  ♦  home automation
  ♦  lighting: control, LED, halogen, florescent, dimming, color
  ♦  home theater, whole house audio, a/v servers, networked audio
  ♦  a/v control, infrared (IR) control systems
  ♦  automated blinds, skylights, garage doors, motorized devices, gates
  ♦  keyless locks, occupancy, vacancy, gas, water sensors
  ♦  security sensors, security cameras / dvr
  ♦  web tracking, online interfaces and databases (log, SMS, twitter)
  ♦  internet, networking, wifi
  ♦  zigbee, relays, interconnects
  ♦  analog & digital hardware interfaces
  ♦  all wireless technologies
  ♦  phone systems (VOIP & POTS), intercom, closed circuit systems
  ♦  solar energy, green and offgrid energy systems
  ♦  HVAC, radiant heating, hot water
  ♦  water treatment (fresh & grey)
  ♦  pools/spa
  ♦  software
  ♦  iPad - graphic interface for house
  ♦  electric vehicle chargers
  ♦  embedded (appliances, set top boxes, portable devices, "?" boxes, etc.)
  ♦  light & sound environmental experiences

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