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Home automation has become common place in large residential houses. Systems are evolving for the smaller houses, as well as DIY home owners. Prices go down, while the number of systems go up. And as this continues, we will see more and more homes taking advantage of this. But since there is no single standards at the moment, purchase decisions are tricky with ramifications lasting. Many vendors cover multiple bases, each with their own way of turning a light on, or adjusting the temperature. Different automation / lighting control systems have strong points and weak points. The right system really depends on what the customer wants, who will be using it, and who will be maintaining it.

LeftBrain's vision goes beyond the "when you get home ...", adding the qualification that allows you to change that, and add your own logic. The vision includes the unsophisticated homeowner that can easily add new a/v components, lights and appliances to the mix. System integrators and installers are great, but their use should be totally optional after installation, allowing for any automation service vendor to be able to carry on. We strive for systems that work to the original desires and full understanding by the home owner.

With LeftBrain as your green and automation consultant, you will have an experienced technologist on your side, helping/overseeing with decisions, design, planning, inspections, asking the hard questions, approving, and insuring your original desires are achieved in the end, and guaranteeing that you are always in control.

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