Paul Rother is
Mr. Rother is a technologist, creative visionary and expert programmer in the entertainment industry with over 25 years experience in digital and interactive media throughout its many different incarnations. He has worn the hat of producer, director, graphic designer, interactive designer, team leader and programmer.

He excels at taking projects from concept to reality. Past projects encompass a wide variety of multimedia: digital cinema, compact disc based interactive media, Internet web sites, touchscreen information kiosks, world class laser and lighting effects; pioneering state-of-the- art 3D computer generated imagery; film and video graphic effects; and land-based / theater entertainment and electronic music systems.

From 1991 to 1998, Mr Rother was founder and president of Total Media, where he demonstrated vision and ability to create cutting edge productions on time and within budget. He was thoroughly involved in all aspects of production, including: research, writing, story boarding, image research, graphic production, cost accounting, programming, testing, debugging and distribution. Clients included: Philips, GTE, AOL, Random House, Meridian Medical Technologies and Princess Cruises. Among the CD-ROM titles he completed are: Deepak Chopra: The Wisdom Within (Random House); CPR KIDZ; and Titanic: An Interactive Exploration the winner of numerous awards including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Gold Award. Prior to founding Total Media, he was a Senior Software Engineer for Philips Interactive Media of America developing production pathways and authoring tools where none existed before.

Mr. Rother created and developed laser effects for Pink Floyd's 1986 World Tour, George Michael's 1987 World Tour and Paul McCartney's 1989 World Tour. He oversaw LASER installations at Walt Disney's EPCOT Center and Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also worked with many award winning graphic effects production companies including: Robert Abel Films, Digital Productions, Trans-American Video, and Homer & Associates. While working for these companies, Paul pioneered 3D photo imagery and animation in both film and video.

~ "I work with creative visionaries who envision new ideas, goals, and products of the future. My contribution is taking a barrage of unrelated ideas and data, and formulating it into a cohesive structure. The structure can be a design document, sketches, sample screens, flow charts, database description, and/or computer code. In the end, the experience & satisfaction of completion along with the joy it brings people makes a project worthwhile for me."
- Paul Rother, founder & owner of

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