Where's Mary?

Where's Mary? is a collaboration between long term associates Peter Conn, (milesconsulting.org) and Paul Rother. Mr. Conn is a flash graphic artist who creates stunningly beautiful interfaces, animation, motion and art. Paul Rother brings his years of programming user interfaces from a history of bleeding edge projects.

Where's Mary? is dedicated to creating easy to use front end interfaces to databases. We use Flash in conjunction with Flash Remoting to provide these intuitive interfaces.

We currently have two projects in development, one is an interactive class schedule that allows the yoga studio administrator to add, edit classes, as well as post photographs of the teachers. The other is a large database (200,000+) of hotels from all over the world. and allows the surfer to pick from a variety of methods including maps that zoom in. We would be happy to show you if you are truly interested.

See the Where's Mary website at wheresmary.com.