and Lingo 5 day intensive training

The power of Director as well as it's Lingo language have grown immensely through the years. Lingo is a excellent first computer language, and this is due in large part to the message window which allows students as well as experienced programmers to interactively try single lines of code. Other Director features that contribute to Lingo learning is simple drop down menus for code fragments, automatic code formatting & coloring, good error messages and an excellent easy-to-use debugger.

Above and beyond Lingo, Paul's students gain an overview and learn skills applicable to any procedural computer language. The class is geared for people that have never programmed before. In class we learn the fundamentals of syntax, variables, arrays, strings, objects, functions, code structures such as "if" statements and "repeat" loops. We develop code, then analyze it, factoring common code fragments into reusable handlers (functions) and repeat the process as features are added. Students learn the techniques to continue on their own.

Paul brings his years of wrangling languages, as well as the love of working face to face, one on one with his students. He shares his insights, aneedotes and observations of 30 years of computer programming. Paul promises to demystify what computers and procedural programming is all about.

Currently it's a 5 day (40 hour) class with TrainSimple (
Paul also does onsite classes and private tutoring.